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Product Description

A Compressor with History

It started out in 1993 as Ted’s idea to liven up some soundtracks for a video. That turned into the SC2 stereo compressor; the first of its kind, a magical tool for bringing drums to life and adding ‘fairy dust’ to finished tracks. Later in 2003, Ted introduced the P38; a re-design but with the roots of his original optical compression.

The EX version added smart facilities like ‘parallel compression’ and variable width control, and now the Mk2 adds a smart power supply operating from any mains voltage and more added ‘weight’ to the compressed sound.

The P38EX Mk2 works all the way from a super-quality ‘Levelling Amplifier’ with the sparkle of a well-designed opto compressor, up to an aggressive tool to add drama to a stereo drum track.

First demo

The compression is switched in after 6 seconds. Ratio about 3:1 with medium attack and release, ‘Greenbox’ selected, the difference is changes to tightness of the sound, it’s quite subtle.

Second demo

More obvious, P38EX MK2 switched in after about 8 seconds. Ratio about 8:1 medium attack and release, ‘VCA’ selected. There is a 3dB gain increase and the P38EX MK2 changes the effect of the tenor.


  • HARMONIC DISTORTION 3rd order distortion not measurable at normal operating level; lower than .01% 40Hz to 20KHz at levels up to +20dBu.
  • 2nd order distortion generally within 0.01% but varies with compression, ‘soft clip’ system introduces 2nd and 3rd order harmonics.
  • L/R CROSSTALK varies with setting of ‘width’ control. Can be as low as -50dB when set to ‘normal’.
  • NOISE 85dB below normal operating level. Max signal to noise ratio approx. 110dB
  • POWER SUPPLY switch-mode. Mains input 95VAC to 250VAC 5 watts max.

Additional Information

Mounting System

19" Rackmount

1 review for P38EX MK2

  1. SB – Studio owner

    Holy **** – this is a complete beast! Been A/B ing with the Neve. Much punchier and tighter; the stereo width function is great. I’m sold😊.

    • Ted Fletcher

      The Neve, the SSL and others (and all the digital plug-ins) are still treating compression like a physics performance problem; it’s so much more than that! The flavours and the colours are the result of years of work and an element of luck; I put in the work and got lucky!

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