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What is tfpro?

tfpro has been a high-end analogue audio equipment manufacturer since 2002. The innovative audio equipment you’ll find here has been designed and handmade in the UK by Ted Fletcher, co-founder of Alice and founder of Joemeek® and Orbitsound.

With more than 50 years as a pioneer in audio, Ted continues his dedication to sound by creating modern and innovative audio equipment. Ted has collaborated with many renowned artists and is still creating and developing audio gear coveted by top mixing, mastering, recording artists the world over.


Owing to component sizes becoming increasingly smaller, analogue hardware can occupy a smaller footprint than ever before, whilst retaining the quality and functionality engineers have come to expect and need in their creative workflows. tfpro is now producing a line of 500 series modules alongside the 19” rack-mount P38EX MK2, as well as a small, portable recording channel called the BRICK2.

Ted has a ‘hands on’ approach to quality control, using test procedures and ‘burn-in’ times to make sure that each unit manufactured meets both specifications and expectations.

Fifty years of creating some of the finest audio equipment, and Ted Fletcher is still innovating today with a new line of products from tfpro, including 500 series modules.

Ted Fletcher

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The P38EX MK2 is the most sonically flexible compressor I’ve ever had the pleasure of using. Four modes, and each one of them brings something different and valuable to my workflow.

Hammy Havoc
Hammy Havoc
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