A Change of Direction

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Ted Fletcher in 2022500 series is a brilliant format for compact outboard audio equipment, ideal for mic amps, equalisers, gates and limiters.

Ted has enthusiastically taken on the design and development of a number of 500 series modules, but managing such a wide range of equipment takes time and constant attention so Ted has decided to pass over the TFPRO 500 series business to his ‘ALICE’ Company. This means that versions of existing TFPRO 500 series modules will only be available under the ‘ALICE’ logo.

The product list is on the Alice website.

New Developments

Coming soon will be a new compressor; it will be an unusual ‘feed-forward’ type, a design with unique effect on sound. It will appear as an ALICE 561 module and its design features will be used in Ted’s upcoming ‘PYE’ compressor unit that is now in development.

Analogue compressors are normally ‘feed-back’ types where increases in output level feed back to a control circuit which controls the gain. ‘Feed-forward’ compressors sense the volume level at the input and apply correction to the rest of the circuit.

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