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    Woop! My apologies; it turns out that two of my Shure 545d mics were internally jumpered to High impedance, and I didn’t realize. Just flipped the impedance and hum-be-gone! :)

    I would still like to disable the global phantom power on the 12-48 if possible though, as I tend to mainly use ribbon and dynamic mics, and valve mics with their own power supplies.

    By the way, I had lots of fun doing that mid-sweep modification. Thanks again for your help Ted. :D

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    One more question I’m afraid Ted. 😯

    Is there a reasonably simple way to disable the global phantom power from the mic pres on the 12-48?

    I makes my Shure 545d mics hum and sound thin. They work perfectly (and sound great) on preamps that don’t have phantom, and generally I don’t need phantom power from my mic preamps or mixers, as I have separate phantom power units and power supplies for my condenser mics.

    I don’t mind modifying each channel if that’s necessary. Or is there a global phantom power supply that I can disable?

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    In practice, I’ve found that it works absolutely fine, and yes, it does sound very smooth. :P

    Thanks for all your help Ted. I really appreciate it.

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    I’ve just finished modifying the mid-sweep frequency on the 1st channel of the 12-48 mixer, and it has worked a treat! I’m very happy. :D

    I will gradually do the same to the other 11 channels over the next week.

    Now, how do I go about narrowing the Q on the mid-sweep a bit? It is very wide (and smooth!) at the moment, and I’d like to try narrowing it a bit. When the sweep control is set to the lowest frequency (around 400hz now), with maximum cut (15db), the dip spreads all the way from 100hz up to 4khz. Ideally I’d like to reign it in a little bit. I don’t need surgical eq by any means, and I love how smooth it sounds, but it would be great to narrow the Q a little, so that when the sweep is set to 400hz and cut fully it leaves everything above 1khz alone.

    Ted, it was indeed 6n8 caps (which I changed to 15nf as you suggested). Would you be able to suggest what component/s I need to change to narrow the Q slightly?

    Thanks ever so much for your help so far. I’m extremely happy to have even got this far! :D

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    Excellent! Thanks very much Ted.

    The mixer is a 12-48, which you made a little later than the 12-28 I think. It doesn’t have transformer balanced preamps. I will check the circuits on my 828, 2008, and 12-48 for comparison, and will try this on one channel and go from there.

    Thanks so much for your help.


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    Hey Ted,
    I’m trying to find some of that 151 grease you mentioned, and am having trouble. Sofar I’ve found the following items: – if you scroll down, they have a product called “151 Hi-Tech Super Grease Spray”

    Is it either of these?
    The 2nd one looks more likely, in which case 151 is the name of the company that makes it, along with an amazing amount of spray typ products, all of which I of course want to try, haha!

    I used the Alice 12.48 on a radio show last night, and found that the mic pres REALLY suit my ribbon mics. Not as warm sounding as the Alice 2008’s transformer pres, but clearer, and less boomy. With the 2008 I usually roll 2-3dB of bass off when using these ribbon mics, but on the 12.48 they sounded “right” without doing that. Both me and my assistant Mark noticed, looked at each other, and said how great it sounded. :)

    So, today I’m WD40ing all the pots, and will “151” them once I have confirmation of which 151 I should get, hehe.

    Thanks Ted, I’ll get either one or both of my Alice’s to you after the end of August. :D


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    I bought the 12.48 that Barks posted pics of, and it’s really nice!

    I already have an Alice 2008, which I absolutely love. It’s the same as an 828, but with balanced XLR outputs and a few other bits and bobs.

    I am going to send both to you Ted, if that’s OK, to be serviced.

    The only problem is that I love both of them, hehe, so I’m trying to work out a window of time to part with each of them to send them to you one at a time. :P

    The 2008 has a few minor issues, but I have a bit of masking tape at the top of each channel strip, with those things noted. EG: The high EQ control does nothing on Channel 7, and channels 4 & 5 only work with the Gain control set to 12 o’clock or above. I just pull the fader down if need be, and have never had any problems. Channel 1 isn’t working at all at the moment, and channel 6 works, but is microphonic. When you tap the case of the mixer, channel 6 makes a loud noise.
    But when I bought it, NONE of the channels worked, as it was packed TERRIBLY by the seller. It was literally just wrapped loosely in one layer of thin carboard, with absolutely no protection at all! And the Courier delivery guy was showing off that he’d “got some air” going over the bridge on the way to my house, and a load of parcels had fallen over in the van.
    It was so damaged that the VU meters were no INSIDE the case somewhere near to the holes that they should’ve been sitting in.
    I managed to rescue them, and got 6 of the channels working to a degree that I have been using them every single day in the studio for the past year, but it would be lovely to have everything working.

    The 12.48 that this topic is about, I’ve just started testing it. I’m getting no signal on the right side of the Monitor Output, which is a stereo 1/4 socket. I get both OK from the Headphone output though. Is it acceptable to use the headphone output instead of the Monitor Output, or will there be a noticeable difference in the sound for any reason? That’s what I’m having to do at the moment, but plan on sending it to you soon.

    The other thing I’m wondering is that the main recording output only gets Groups 1 & 2. Is there a way to route all 4 groups to it, to essentially record all 4 GRoups to one stereo pair of outputs? IE, I want to record that I’m hearing from the Headphone/Monitor output (all 4 groups), rather than just Groups 1 & 2.

    I’m off upto the studio right now. Got to run, to catch a bus!

    Thanks Ted!


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