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    Ted Fletcher

    Update, 5th June 2018, I now have the BRICK2 in stock. What’s different about it? Quite a lot.

    The biggest difference is in the power supplies, I’m using linear regulators for the main power rails but I have added a new 21st century DC/DC converter to get the 48V phantom power. this arrangement makes for lower noise and better stability. One of the problems with earlier ‘Bricks’ was that they ran out of power when using some microphones, which use a bit more than a couple of milliamps at 48V. The new one is 100% stable.

    The mic amp itself is my ‘current mode’ design that eliminates cable effect and noise. It is a transformer (mic and line) input so it has total isolation and it sounds just as good as the original.

    The compressor, which of course should only be used sparingly in ‘record mode’, is the classic opto compressor, similar to the very early JoeMeek compressors but without extreme ‘overshoot’ during attack.

    The Harmonic Enhancer is an update on my original design in the old Brick, it’s great for mixdowns as it has both ‘add’ and ‘subtract’ facility making it useable as a de-esser; it’s one of those ‘play with it’ circuits that can sound amazing; absolutely not possible with a plug-in!

    The meter looks like a standard VU meter but the movement is damped and ‘tightened’ to make it more accurate and easier to read than the old American originals. But beware, it still has the well known VU ‘under-read’ on speech, which is the reason for a very prominent ‘overload’ light. The red light comes on when a transient gets through; the odd flash is inaudible but it works as a warning that you are running a little hot.

    The BRICK2 is 100% made in England, the printed circuit boards assembled in Portsmouth, the metalwork made in Bognor Regis and the printing in Littlehampton. I do the final assembly myself, and pack them up to send out! :) :) :)

    The ‘SHOP’ page has the latest news. 8-)



    As for your poll w/r to format : a 80-series Tfpro could more demanded than one of innumerable 500-standard products.

    -_-_best regards,

    jimmy dee

    Hi Ted..Wg=hat is the price of the brick 2?. Thanks

    Ted Fletcher

    I have a few of the first batch left now (22nd July 2019) and I can offer the standard BRICK2 at 25% professional discount, £690.62 (normal price £920.83).

    There is the ECO version BRICK2 which is electronically identical but without the very expensive control knobs (but it still looks nice!) at £15% professional discount; £530.54 (normal price £624.17).

    Those are the final complete prices with freight included for UK and EU.

    My normal guarantees apply…. If there are any problems at all I fix it, no time limits! 8-)


    It seems the price has gone up for the Brick2 in 2023? And how does it compare the 504 series mic pre with limiter and transformer?

    It’s great to know that the BRICK2 is 100% made in England. Supporting local manufacturing is always a plus. And it’s cool that you handle the final assembly and packing personally. The Harmonic Enhancer sounds like a lot of fun to play around with during mixdowns. Having both an “add” and “subtract” feature is great, and I agree that it’s something that can’t be replicated with a plugin.


    Love my Brick 2, it’s taken me time to really appreciate how good it sounds. I upgraded the power supply. My brick 2 beats my custom valve amp, original Brick and Groove tubes Brick. Waiting to hear the Villein.

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