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    I need a owners manule for a vc1 brick ,the smaller orig version.
    any idear on how many were made.

    Thanks Jim

    Ted Fletcher

    Jim, the ‘brick’ was the very first Joemeek VC1, I designed it in 1993 based on design thinking from work in both music recording and broadcasting. We made only about 55 of them, and now they are very rare…. mainly because a number of influential producers hang onto them to use on lead vocals on their records.
    Interestingly, I was discussing the ‘brick’ with my son (Guy, who is working on a new Knopfler album at British Grove) over Christmas; he uses one for his lead vocals.
    As for a handbook…. I don’t think there ever was one!
    However, the ‘front end’ was very similar to the first V3 versions of the VC1 and I have a handbook for that.
    If you would like to drop me an email direct ( I will email you a pdf of it.

    As a matter of interest, I have re-created the exact mic amp structure including the same transformer and identical overload margins etc. in the new P110. :)


    Ted, first let me thank you for making yourself avaliable in regards to not just new products but old ones as well!

    I just purchased a pair of VC1 bricks and have one question-

    The compression 1 and compression 2- I assume those are slopes? Or ratio references? Just curious as to the specifics.

    I also purchased an original SC2 v1.05 with original documents including a green hand signed original manual! I can’t wait! I look forward to trying some of your newer designs!

    Oh and I noticed one of the bricks has a lower output than the other (without anything else engaged), but it doesn’t sound bad- If I wanted to get them serviced, where would you recommend in Los Angeles/Orange county? The gain on the working one is at 1/2 and the gain on the low output one will be at 3/4 just to match the other at 1/2 total gain. The mix input works without flaw so Im pretty sure its just the preamp section. The gain knob has little effect until it hits about 3/4 then it really jumps up- bad/fussy pot? It also appears as if its only low when using the line level input. The gain on the mic pre from the xlr input seems ok.

    Thanks again for your time.

    Ted Fletcher

    Hi Joseph, the gain difference on the two ‘bricks’ is quite understandable; I did alter the gain structure and so I’m not surprised that you have two that do not match exactly, but the quality will be the same, and it’s unlikely that there is a fault.
    I recall that the lower gain one is the earlier one; I did change the circuitry slightly to improve the linearity of the gain pot, it was quite a trick at that time to get the very high levels of gain swing on a single pot.
    I must advise NOT to let any regular equipment workshops loose on the ‘brick’, the mechanical construction is tricky and the circuitry is delicate…….. it’s a great example of the old saying ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!’

    Regarding comp 1 and 2, yes, these are effectively ‘slopes’, the switch alters the shape of the compression curve. Comp 1 gives a very gentle compression, while ‘2’ starts gently, but increases to a maximum of about 6 to 1. The curves are very non-linear and it’s that fact that gives a compression that is very close to the natural compression response of the human ear, completely unlike other compressors……. this was the whole ‘magic’ of my early optical compressors.


    Thanks so much Ted! I really appreciate the response.

    I will say Im absolutely loving these little bricks! And I also have la2a, 1176, 33609, etc… But these are just so darn cool! I can’t believe they still are affordable considering how few were made and how great they sound. Plus the design is great- with the mix inputs and dual output. Now I must wait for my SC2 to get here…

    Sadly Im MOST excited that the units are green… 😆

    But seriously- after scouring the net for info on your old designs, to be able to ask you directly is absolutely wonderful! No question about getting the correct answers!
    Happy New Year and continued success with the new TFPro line!

    Ni and I

    Hi Ted

    Greetings from New Zealand.

    I am the lucky owner of a Joe Meek Studio Channel VC 1 Brick S/N VC7- 494 and can confirm that there is an owners manual, which I also have.

    I’d be more than happy to scan a copy for any other owners, or for your own records…..just pm me



    jimmy dee

    hey buddy..can we get the manual?.

    Ted Fletcher

    Sorry Jimmy, I missed your post……. for information on those old JoeMeek units, email me on I do have a lot of the info and pleased to help out. :)

    jimmy dee

    Thanks for the response Ted. I mailed you. In short i managed to get hold of a Brick last week. 13 Years iv been looking for one so i’m pretty happy about it. And yes it sounds like i remember from previously owning one, It really does do something special. Which i’m happy for considering what it cost me. 🙄 I was hoping the other user on this thread might mail me a copy of the manual although i think i found someone in Oregon on Facebook who may have a copy.

    Ted Fletcher

    It’s strange how things happen…. I now have the manual and I was able to copy it to Jimmy….. thanks to ‘Ni and I’ in New Zealand! :D

    jimmy dee

    Indeed it is. The inter web can be pretty analogue if you wish it so.

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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