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    Hi Ted,

    Hope you do well!

    Just for you to remember me, i’m the guy that asked for the P10 schematics 2 year ago and i changed my P10 with a toggle switch to have faster time constants for the compressor…

    So i’m here again, i have a question about your TM88 airsound microphone. What do you think it will do as piano stereo recording microphone? Dit you or someone tried this already? I am really curious to hear the results. Is there anything we can arrange so i can evaluate the microphone in my studio?



    Ted Fletcher

    I will come back to you directly by email.
    The TM88 project was something I did out of interest, to produce highest possible quality true stereo recordings for demonstrating my consumer electronics products (the Orbitsound T12 and a new upcoming product, the T14). Commercially, the mic is a complete loser! The number of enquiries has meant that it is not worth producing a commercial quantity of the mic…. I have a few prototypes that I use myself, but it’s unlikely that I will keep it in the catalogue for long.
    Technically, I’m very happy with it; the sound is warm and intensely realistic….. neither of those attributes seems to be what’s required in today’s plastic pro-tools world! 😥
    (I hasten to add, I’m not disheartened! I’ve been dealing with mics for years and have seen fashions come and go.)

    Ted Fletcher

    Pls drop me an email to….. this will save me digging into the forum lists.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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