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    Hello Ted

    I’ve just bought one of your old P3s second hand (as I love the one I’ve already got). Unfortunately the previous owner has been using it with a AC/DC power supply instead of an AC/AC power supply (as I received direct from you when I bought my first one).

    So my questions are:
    – Do you still have any P3 power supplies around?
    – If not can you recommend a power supply with the correct specs?
    – Would running the P3 on DC have caused any damage? If so can you have a look at it?

    Thanks for reading!


    Ted Fletcher

    Hi Simon, No, running the P3 on a DC power supply would not do it any harm at all, but it would not have worked very well!
    It’s possible that some signal would get through but it would be distorted, and the phantom power would certainly not have worked.
    Yes, we have power supplies for all territories for the P3 and any other of those devices (P4 and earlier preamps) that run on 12VAC power. Drop me an email ( to tell me if it’s UK or US or EU type.


    Hi Ted

    Oops, I seem to have left this hanging for ages. Sorry about that – I’ve been pretty busy (though of course everyone says that!). Anyway I’ll e-mail about a couple of UK adaptors in a minute.

    One other thing about the P3 I got second-hand is that it sounds different to the one I already had. It seems louder and gritty, and less sweet generally. Was there any changes in circuits of the P3 throughout it’s production run? Is it possible that a component has failed causing the change in sound? The tiny buttons for line/mic and on/off of the comp are red instead of the black of my original version, is that any clue?

    If the difference between the two is a failure or deviation from the design from my original one would it be possible for you to modify/repair the red-button one to the same spec as the black-button one? And how much would that cost as a ball park figure? Just thought I’d ask, thanks for being so patient!


    Ted Fletcher

    Hi Simon, this comes under the same arrangement as any other gear of my design…. I’m happy to look at it, service it, fix it, for a fixed fee of £25 plus the cost of returning it. I can’t guarantee to get it sounding the same as the other one…. there were no design changes that could have caused the difference.
    If you would like me to look at it, pls send it to The Sound House.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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