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    Hi Ted,
    I’m currently using an P2, which I bought years ago new. (In germany)
    I’m very happy about this gear, because it’s realizing all my audio-dreams.
    A few months ago a backlight switches off. 😯
    It’s still working, but in the dark you can’t see it.
    How can I repair it to use it sometimes in late night session-evenings again? :?:
    (No nicotin!)
    Thank you for your perfect gear!

    Ted Fletcher

    Hmmmm, I’ve been thinking about this one…. the problem is that it’s far from easy to get the meters out on a P2, and once they’re out it’s a watchmaking job to install a new light.
    I have to recommend that you either return it to me and get my specialist chap to fix it, or use it as it is!
    I don’t mind fixing it; the cost is my standard charge of £25 plus the cost of returning it, so the whole bill for you would be £38 (I’m assuming that you are in Germany).
    There’s no quick fix. :(


    Ted thank YOU very much for this bounteous offer.
    I will send it when I expect I can renounce this wonderful Unit
    of Music- and Tone-manipulation.
    Either I wait until the second VU-Unit fails?

    Thank you again,
    your units are wonderful exactly working Music-Tools!


    In the manual of my TFPro P2 I can read the following: MICROPHONE INPUT

    · XLR Input 800 ohm approx. current mode to suit 200 ohm microphones.

    Now I bought two AKG C3000B, which have 1000 Ohm.

    What does this practically mean for me an the use with the P2?

    Thank you!

    Ted Fletcher

    The AKG C3000 states that it has an output impedance of 1000 ohms….. but I very much doubt it!

    It’s perfectly OK to use it directly into the mic input of the P2, it will work fine! :)


    Thank you for the answer, I was in doubt…

    But on the other hand I was shure that my P2 could handle it.

    It is the best Audio-Gear I ever bought.

    Why did you doubt the 1000 ohms?

    Can I measure it? Sorry but I am not a pro! 😯

    I am a musician and not understanding all the numbers of ohms and dB and so on.

    Ted Fletcher

    The short answer is don’t try!!!

    There is a load of waffle talked about impedance and matching. It’s by far the best to try it out, if it sounds good then it’s right no matter what people say. :D


    Thank you! :D

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