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    Hi Ted,

    I recently picked up two of the gold lettered VC1s v.201. These units have a coaxial stereo link on the back, which is part of what interested me. When I link the two units together, the output VU meter on one will stop responding to the signal, which to me seems to indicate that it is now slaved to the other unit. However, the knobs/parameters on the units are still functioning completely independently i.e. the knobs on the master unit only affects its own output and the knobs on the slave unit are still responding and only affecting its own output. Is there some sort of trick for running the units in stereo mode? The only VC1 documentation I can find is for the V3 which doesn’t have the stereo link.

    Any help or guidance at all is much appreciated, thank you so much, Ted!


    Ted Fletcher

    Hi Benjamin,

    Now this is embarrassing! I don’t have any circuit information on the VC1 version with the stereo link! But I think you will find that the co-ax socket is just an extension of the rectified sidechain, so connecting them together will allow both units to control the compression. I can’t be absolutely sure about that (without having one of the units here) but I do remember that it was not a successful facility owing to the fact that the opto cells vary so much and the compression was never balanced. As you noticed, we very quickly dropped the facility! 😳


    Ah, alright I do appreciate the reply nonetheless! It does seem upon further experimentation that the control of the master definitely does affect the slave unit but it also appears to work the other way around. It also seems that the stereo link only affects the compression portion of the units, the enhancer and gain settings are still independent.

    For your own records, if you are interested in pictures of the unit internals, let me know. I will be un-racking and re-racking them in the next couple days, so I can maybe pop one open and take some pictures of the inside for you. Just let me know.

    Take care, Ted. Thank you a million times for your work.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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