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      Dear Ted,

      I am a very happy owner of a SC2, SC3 and a VC1 and they are all very important parts of my recording chains, but I have a problem with my SC3 (which I use for mastering) that I’m desperate to solve:

      When turning the Input knob the stereo image is not stable making it virtually impossible for me using it as I intend. Since I love the sound so much i have been trying various workarounds but nothing is really working well and when having comstumers sitting in it doesn’t really make me look so good I guess.

      So, I’m hoping there is a way to have the unit modded (preferably by you). Do you have any idea about the cost for labour and parts? Is there any additional modifications you recommend while fixing the input?

      All the best!

      Jorgen from Sweden

      Unit information:

      SC3 v.1.02

      Ted FletcherTed Fletcher

        Hi Jogen, The only thing I can do is to replace the input pot…. if the imbalance is very bad then this will fix it, but the tracking on the input pot is always a problem.
        If you would like me to look at it then please send it to me at the Sound House. With all these JoeMeek units I charge a flat fee of £25 plus the cost of returning the unit.
        I can’t guarantee to fix everything, but if it’s fixable, then there’s a good chance! :)

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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