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    Hello Ted,

    I recently acquired an sc3 it has the digital ins/outs and for some reason

    the optical in/out do not work is there anything basic that I can do

    to make it work, I tested with different gear and still no input or out signal (24/48),

    all the analog ins and outs work however.

    I havent tested the AES EBU ports do they work independently than the optical ports?

    Also I have no light on the VU, are the bulbs the same as the SC2 same replacement part Maplin PG77J?

    Any hints will be appreciated I have some basic electronic skills if its something

    simple, normally on every piece of gear when powered on inside the optical ports there

    is a red light coming out of the port, the sc3 does not output any visible light I guess is

    not normal correct? Thanks.



    Ted Fletcher

    It’s normal for there to be a red light on the output optical port.

    The AES/EBU ports use the same circuitry as the optical ports so I would think that if there is a fault, it will apply to all.

    As for the digital part not working… I don’t have any spares for those, or any circuit information on that particular digital sub-board. But things have moved on since then! I would suggest using an outboard digital system…… even the very inexpensive ones are as good as the ones we were using in 97/98 when the work on the SC3 was done. I have been using some digital converters sold by ‘Lindy’ recently and they are remarkably good.

    I was checking out an SC3 last week and that’s a very nice compressor!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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