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    Dear mister Fletcher.

    I have a a question about a purchase i may ( or not ) make…

    I used to own a REV 1.05 version of the SC2, but due to circumstances i had to sell my studio.

    Now the circumstances are gone, but so is my favorite drum-buss compressor ( i think i may have mixed around 40/50 albums with my ‘Hulk” on drum-sub.. )

    I am now working again, and slowly gathering gear…and i have the oportunity to buy a SC2 V2.02, i know it’s different than the 1.05 but i cant find much info on the 2.02 , lots of info about 1.05/1.07 and then about SC2.2 and on…( so no more SC2 but SC2.2 )

    Can you tell me anything about this version? and ofcourse how it compares to its “allways overshadowing” big brother, the 1.05 ?

    Friendly Greetz — Daan van der Elsken — Producer/Engineer — Amsterdam

    Ted Fletcher

    Hi Daan,

    The great thing about the very early SC2 versions was that they were impossible to make bad sounds! The later versions had wider values of attack and decay and so actually were not so easy to use, but be assured, the compression was all the same on all those SC2 compressors including the later SC2.2, they just needed a little more time to set up. The compression circuits were the same and they are the same as I am using on a new 500 series version.



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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