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    Hello Ted

    I purchased a SC2 rev 1.05

    I owned one before, and I loved it to death on the drumbuss…due to circumstances I had to sell my studio ( and the JM )

    but now circumstances are well again and I’m rebuilding my studio, and re-buying everything…including this SC2.

    There seems to be a problem though..

    Even if I put it on totally ‘spanking’ settings, and I drive it really hard, and the VU-meter is totally waving, the compression stays very bouncing/ pushing/ spanking… just very minimal compression..

    It does seem to ‘create’ the creamy sound I remember from my first unit, but something is definitely not as it should be..

    I might be mistaking but I also find the ‘release-movement” of the VU-meter looks a bit to slow…

    I REALLY hope that you could shine a light on this, and that you may have some suggestions for me, I know it’s impossible to get/find the original ”opto-parts” so I’m praying it’s not a problem in that region..

    Any ideas and input is very welcome

    Friendly Greetz. Daan van der Elsken. stilteloos Productions. Amsterdam

    Ted Fletcher

    Hi Daan, would you like to come back to me on email? It’s [email protected].

    The early SC2 compressors do tend to suffer from a problem in the LED drive circuit; I have known a few of them to go ‘soft’ and not compress as hard as when they were new. I do have a fix for that, it is to replace all the LED drive transistors, and sometimes even replace the opto cells….. I do have a stock of the original cells; I’m using them in my new 538 compressor. :)


    Hi Ted

    Thanks for the reply!

    It totally sounds like you are describing the issue I’m experiencing!

    And great to hear that you have the parts in stock..

    I have a pretty good tech-friend who does most of my repairs, would he be able to do replace the parts? Or would I have to ship the unit to you? ( and in both cases, any idea of the costs? You can also reply to my email [email protected] )

    Greetz again Daan

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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