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    Hello Ted
    We have an SC2.2 in rather bad shape here. The shaft of the ‘slope’ switch has snapped and the transformer is burnt out from overvoltage (115 V traffo got a taste of 230 V).

    These parts are unfortunately too obscure for me to find without your help. If anything else is bad, I’m sure I can find replacements…
    What are the specs of the transformer? I can’t figure it out from the (non-standard?) psu design… 2×15 V, but the 0 is only connected to the meter?
    What is that rotary switch? Is it even possible to source?

    The model is a SC2.2 v3 serial 100692.
    The board says ‘feb 1998’.

    Thanks so much!
    Victor Jupin, Copenhagen

    Ted FletcherTed Fletcher

    Yes, the power supply on the SC2.2 would look mysterious to the casual observer! You are right, the ‘0V’ is not actually used direct to the audio on this model, I used a separately derived ‘0V’ so that there is no direct connection from chassis ground to power supply ground, this arrangement does work well and prevents hum loops.
    I do have switches and transformers in stock for that model; I can sell them to you, or I can rebuild the SC2.2 for you….. whichever you like.
    email me direct on

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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