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    I recently bought a SC2 compressor (rev. 1.07) but it looks like I have a problem with the Slope button.

    When no audio is comming in at all, the VU meter is reaction at the different slope setting.

    So when I put it on slope setting 1 the VU is at 0. When the slope is at setting 2 the VU meter sais 0,3 gain reductiuon. At setting 3 it has 0,7 gain reduction and setting 4 is the most extreme, it has 3 db gain reduction on the VU without any signal passing trew. So no kabels are connected to the unit.

    Is that normnal?

    If not, can it be easily fixed?

    By the way, the rest of the compressor is working fine and I love the sound!!! : )

    Ted Fletcher

    That was a small problem with some of the earlier SC2 compressors…. it was a compromise between getting the gain reduction metering right and setting the zero…. there is a preset control on the board (right hand end) where you can adjust the zero setting; but it’s not easy to get it right! Try tweeking it a little, but it does not affect the sound in any way so maybe best leave it! :?


    Great, it worked.

    Thank you Ted!


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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