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    Hi Ted
    We met at tape op Tuscon a few years ago and had a nice conversation one day.

    Hopefully you’re not sick of hearing questions about the sc2!!

    I have a sc2.0 v1.07 and wondered what it would take to return it back to version 1.05
    which seems to be the winning formula…I have a great tech who can do the job.

    Also thanks for the info on the c2 been using that for quite a bit on drum buss in parallel
    I didn’t realize it was the same as a sc2.2


    Ted Fletcher

    The only change between the V1.05 and V1.07 was a change in the PC board layout and a replacement of the original output stage that had proved to be unreliable.
    There’s no advantage in changing, in fact it would be impossible, it’s not a possible mod. 8-)
    Stick with the V1.07!
    BTW, for those who keep talking about parallel compression….. the reason this sounds good is that the transients are let through by the ‘direct’ path while the compression is done by the compressor. All that messing about is absolutely necessary when you try to use plug-in compressors or inferior hardware ones….. what very few engineers reaslise is that my early optical compressors did all that automatically, that’s the beauty and the secret of the roaring sound of the old SC2 (and the P38!) The shape of the compression attack and release is what modern engineers are trying to mimic…. but they don’t know why! :D


    Hi Ted thanks for the reply.

    I read some where that there were changes to the attack times or response of the attack when the layout changed.
    Or could it have something to do with the changing of the output stage?

    You are the designer and ultimately the source so I trust that no one else knows this box like you do.
    I’m just wondering why people think that the 1.05 sounds/works better??

    I spend a bit time reading posts/reviews on the internet to try and learn about different pieces of gear. You have to slog through a lot of opinions and BS to get to the facts
    or at least see patterns emerging. When it comes to the sc2 1.05 I seems to have read this too many dozens of times to ignore it.
    Is it mass hysteria? or suburban myth

    I have come to realize there are a lot of amateurs out there with bedroom/basement studios and no lack of opinions but I’ve read this from working pros who’s opinions have at least a little more weight.

    Would you mind sending me the particulars on the 1.05?

    Re: parallel compression, I understand the concept and I think it’s cool that the sc2 does will certainly save me a step or two in the mixing process.

    zeroville recording nyc

    Ted Fletcher

    Hi Harley,
    The whole thing is an urban myth! The original SC2 V1.05, the V1.07 and the SC2.2 all had exactly the same attack and release characteristics…. they had the same components in the compression circuits. The only differences were alterations to circuit layout and the revised output stage. It was always possible to get the same sound out of all three models. It’s possible that some were made with fractional changes to the internal gain structure, but you could (and still can) get the same sounds out of all of them.
    Units after the SC2.2 had changes, but even then, I still say it’s possible to make them sound the same.
    The TFPRO compressors use a number of different circuits; the attack structure is more controlled, but it’s modelled on the old originals, the LA2A, the Altec and the Urie.
    Personally, I think the original type of optical compressor is the best of the lot…. in modern mixing to get best level you sometimes have to follow it with a plug-in limiter, but that works OK and doesn’t destroy the sound! 😯
    Drop me an email on [email protected] and I will email you the circuits for the V1.05 and the SC2.2 (the 1.07 was just a re-laid-out 1.05).

    Ted Fletcher

    I did make a possible error in an earlier reply….. the V1.07 was a re-layout of the V1.05, previously, I said this was to introduce the revised output stage….. I don’t think that’s true, I recall that it was just a re-layout so that everything was on a single PC board….. but it’s a long time ago and I don’t have a V1.07 to look at. :(


    thanks Ted
    sent you and e-mail

    Ted Fletcher

    And just to correct the correction….. I have now checked the circuits and can confirm categorically that the V1.07 DID have a revised output stage, it was done so that the new output gain control (make-up gain) could be added. BUT the compression characteristics of the two models are exactly the same. :)


    Got the schematics thanks. It says that’s it’s 1.05 rev 7 is that the one that went into production?

    Ted you are a true gentleman!!


    Ted Fletcher

    Yes, the circuit diagram confusingly states V1.05 version 7, this is the correct and only ‘V1.05’ circuit diagram.
    The version 1.07 re-layout was a big improvement from a manufacturing point of view, and the performance was the same.

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