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    I have one of the old TFPro P3 units which is still performing brilliantly as part of my bass guitar setup. The power supply cable is starting to fray right at the point where it exits the PSU, and being a sealed unit, I can’t open it up to replace the cable.

    I was hoping I could just buy a standard 12V AC power supply from a local electronics store as a direct replacement, however they only do an “12VAC 15VA” and not a “12VAC 12VA” as originally supplied. From my limited understanding of power supplies, as long as voltage is correct, having a higher amp rating just means the power supply wont be fully utilised – is that correct?

    Will that match in ok, and be of suitable quality, or do I need to look for a specific brand so as not to affect the sound too much?

    Ted Fletcher

    I think I have answered this one directly…. but for others; the current rating is not important as long as it is higher than the equipment needs. In the case of VC3 or P4 the answer is about 300 milliamps and this can be supplied easily by any VA rating higher than 5VA. The ideal is 12VAC 12VA, that gives a current availability of 1 amp.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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