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    Hi there everybody,

    I just got my p38ex two weeks ago and have been investigating that box since then.
    While playing around I did notice some strange behaviour:
    – When the mix knob is turned into 100% compression and the compressor is inactive via the switch with the blue LED
    levels on incoming sound will be lowered by almost 5-6 dBFS (measured at the AD converter).
    Basically the compressor circuit is bypassed but still it seems the ciruciut alters the overall level of the sound.
    – Turning the wet knob to 0% (only dry) accurately gives back the sounds level as it is being fed into the box.
    – There is no difference between having the compressor switched off and having threshold at 0. (Which I tried just to be sure its not the compressor circuit that lowers the signal level).

    So all this is quite weird behaviour, as I was suspecting the box not to touch the sound at all when I bypass the compressor, set stereo width to 100% (middle setting), output gain to 0, input gain to 6.

    Any help or advisory is appreciated,



    Ted Fletcher

    Hi Ingo, thanks for your question…. The ‘odd behaviour’ that you notice is not so odd… All the circuitry is active, so when you are in 100% compression, with the compressor off, there is gain (or loss) in the circuit. I adjust these compressors so that they should be easy to use in a real situation; feel free to turn the output gain up to introduce some gain into the path. That output gain setting can be moved a little either way to achieve the ‘unity gain’ that you want.
    But more important….. how does it sound?? :)

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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