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    Hi Ted!

    I´m thinking of buying a Joemeek VC2 from a local ad. What can you tell me about what sets it apart from VC1 except for the tube output stage.

    Also, is the tube stage active if I only use the preamp, or must the compressor also be engaged.

    Do I have to be aware of some issues regarding it is from 1991 (I believe)


    Best Regards

    Fredrik Berg, Sweden

    Ted Fletcher

    The VC2 is similar in quality to the early VC1 channel amps except that the compression make-up amplifier is a tube.

    The tube stage is active all the time.

    My experience has been that you should have no problems with the age of the unit as long as it has been kept in a reasonable studio environment, that is, reasonably dry.

    I see a lot of these units coming back for servicing and they are invariably in really good condition, just with the odd scratchy pot and some physical damage.


    Ted :)


    Thanks Ted!

    Best Regards

    Fredrik Berg

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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