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      Hello Ted. I own an old JoeMeek twinQcs. I like to record using its compressor – but not its preamp, as I prefer to use other external ones. Can you advise me on the best way to bypass the preamp? Usually, I run a line in from my external preamp to the twinQ, and then leave the twinQ’s Input Gain set to Unity. I am hoping that the twinQ’s preamp is not colouring the sound in any way before the sound reaches the compressor. Is it?

      Would using the insert be a better option if this is my goal? – or am I misunderstanding the purpose of the insert in this particular unit? If the insert is a preferred way of doing it to avoid the twin preamp colouring the sound, can you explain the signal flow (Cablewise) as I use balanced cables and the manual seems to imply that the insert is for unbalanced ones only.

      Sorry there are a number of questions thrown in there. I would kindly appreciate your advice.

      Paul, Ireland


        Hi Ted – Any chance of a reply? Regards

        Ted FletcherTed Fletcher

          The VC1QCS has an extremely ‘linear’ mic amp…. absolutely no colouration; unlike the earlier VC1Q which had a particularly warm sound.

          On the ‘CS’ unit, the line in is balanced and that’s the cleanest path to use as an input. The insert point is unbalanced and does by-pass the input stage, but there’s no real advantage as, with the gain set to unity the input stage is transparent. :)

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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