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    Hi Ted !

    First a word to thank you for this forum, this is really nice to be able to speak with you.

    I get a Joe Meek VC3 from ebay. I think it’s the first generation as there is no “V2” mentionned on it. I get the V2 manual which is enough as both units are pretty similar. But I have a question about the “insert” input : English is not my first language and the explanation about this input are quick in the manual. It seems that this input allows to insert external effect into the unit. Can you explain to me how ? My goal is to use a guitar pedal (reverb)… Is it possible ? if yes where do I plug everyone ?

    My second question is about power supply. I got the original transformer (the white one), and everywhere is written to use ONLY the original power supply. But mine is pretty old and even if it’s working today it won’t last forever… Can you give me the specs needed for the VC3 power supply in order that I can replace it without damaging the unit ?

    Thanks a lot !


    Nico /Doc

    Ted Fletcher

    The early VC3 units had the ‘insert’ socket so that an external effect could be used. The output (to the effect) appears on the ‘ring’ of the jack socket and the return from the effects unit goes to the ‘tip’ of the jack socket, so both the input and the output are on a single jack connection (the ‘ground’ connections are common to both of course).

    This way of connection is quite normal for effects units and you should find it easy to use.

    The power supply for the VC3 and for all of those old JoeMeek units is a 12 volt AC supply with a current rating of at least 300 milliamps. I recommend using one with a higher rating…. 12 volts AC at 800 milliamps is ideal. But NOTE this is an AC supply…… a normal DC converter will NOT work. :)


    Thanks for your quick and kind reply.

    I’ll keep the info about the power supply preciously.

    So, if I understand well, if I want to use a guitar pedal with my VC3 I have to make a kind of “Y” jack : input of the pedal to the ring of the insert jack, output of the pedal to the tip. Will it work ? I mean, does a guitar pedal have the correct specs to be used this way ?


    Ted Fletcher

    Yes, it will work!

    That’s quite a normal way of wiring an effects pedal. The ‘insert’ point is perfectly suitable for the levels and impedances used in all foot-pedals. :)


    Cool ! Thank you very much for your help!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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