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    Is this “your” JM47? If not, how can I tell the difference. I’d love to try one out…" />

    Thanks again of all your great gear. I’m collecting vintage JoeMeek kit, and have a vc1, vc6q and a me5 with more to come! Just love your stuff. Thanks for it, and for making yourself available on this forum.

    Chris in the USA

    Ted Fletcher

    Hi Chris… No, sorry, that’s not one of mine. That is the less expensive type that Alan Hyatt had made in China. However, I hasten to add that it’s a perfectly good mic but not one of the originals. :P


    I believe that’s the version made by Feilo and sold by PMI and is essentially a repackaged MXL V67.

    There were also some made by 797 audio which made the JM47 a repackaged MXL 2001.

    The original JM47 (I believe made by Soundking) is very similar to the one posted, but doesn’t have the tapered top. There is a picture of it in the SOS article : JoeMeek JM47 Meekrophone

    Keep your eye open for an original JM47 as designed by Ted, it’s a nice mic for your locker and a piece of history. They occasionally come up on eBay.

    DISCLAIMER: This is information I’ve scavenged from various forums over the years, so you never know how accurate that is! Feel free to set me straight Ted!

    Ted Fletcher

    You are right in every detail! :P

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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