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    Hey Ted, I have just aquired an old SC2 v2.02 from a friend!

    I love it!

    It has no light on the VU though…

    I was wondering if the V2.02 had a bulb to light up the VU? If so, what type of bulb do I need?

    I can take its hood off and do some investigating but just thought I’d ask the man who knows!

    Thanks ever so much!


    Ted Fletcher

    The SC2.02 had a meter fitted with 2 X 12V miniature festoon bulbs wired in series and operating off 15VAC direct from the mains transformer.

    I have just checked in my stores and I’m afraid I don’t have any of those bulbs….. However there is a replacement available from Maplin, the catalogue number is PG77J. :)


    Ted your a legend!

    Thanks so much!



    Hey there Ted!

    I got hold of the bulbs from Maplin thanks so much for the info!

    I had a quick look inside to see how big a job it could be, and noticed that the bulbs are sealed inside the VU housing.

    I didn’t want to start pulling everything out for fear of not getting the VU back together or knocking something….

    I wonder if you could tell me how delicate a job it would be (I’m fairly savy with fixing kit, but by no means a pro…) I don’t suppose you have service manuals for the beast?

    Thanks again and I really do appreciate your help!

    Also, Iv’e been having a perv over you legacy compressor! It seems to be a similar set up to the unit I have… Are they similar in sound? I’m looking for another unit which isn’t to dissimilar in use, as I have another studio and sometimes take the meek between the two depending what I have on……

    Thanks again, and all the best!


    Ted Fletcher

    I think the meter you have is this one!


    We changed the scales, but that’s the basic meter.

    To get it apart you need to remove the meter from the main chassis, then the front section unclips; you can just pull it or lever it off. This exposes the movement and the little wire-ended lamps.

    For general interest, later meters (without the reflective strip on the face) were held together with transparent tape across the back…. as are most meters nowadays.

    The later ones use a single wire ended lamp rated at 24V.

    Nowadays in TFPRO we use a very similar meter. The lighting is driven direct from the low voltage (15V) AC on the mains transformer direct to the lamp. The undervoltage keeps the temperature down, provides a nice subdued light and the lamp lasts for ever!

    I have experimented with LED lighting, but it just does not look as good. :(

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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