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    Hi Ted,

    Been a big fan since using early VC1Q and SC2’s back in the day – I also had one of the VC7’s for about 10 years until I moved it on about 2 years ago.

    I’ve managed to find a Brick in Singapore of all places, and snapped it up for a song.

    It’s a bit beat up cosmetically, but seems to be in reasonable condition.

    I’m noticing the following behaviour on the VU meter :

    Bringing the input up drives the compressor in as expected – monitoring the comp on the vu it seems to be going up to about 10db when it’s slamming. I wouldn’t describe it as slamming though – at full fast attack and full fast release, it’s still quite slow to fade off to zero on the meter.

    Switching the VU back to regular output VU mode, the needle is slamming into the right fully with almost no give back out of the red zone.

    But pulling the input back to bring the meter out of that zone and it’s way to soft on the output.

    It’s not distorting to smithereens, but the needle would suggest otherwise !

    Any thoughts on that ?

    It’s a v1.04 serial VC7-492.

    Would love to know any more about the unit if you have any info, and perhaps some guidance on how to get it into confident condition to last me into the future. ( I saw your notes somewhere about being careful not to bring it to any old tech. )

    Thanks so much Ted :-D


    Ted Fletcher

    Hi Al!

    I do remember selling one or two into Singapore…. I spent some time there installing systems in hotel ballrooms in the 80s.

    The compression behaviour that you describe sounds right, that’s how they do behave, but the VU performance is odd.

    My advice, as usual in these circumstances, is if it is useable, then use it, if the VU problem is too much then send it to me and I will fix it…. although there were some ‘Bricks’ that were problematic because of corrosion on the main PC board. But, even if the VU is slamming, if it’s not distorting badly, then use it. I always recommend pushing these things hard! :)

    As for info, there’s not much available. I do have the original circuit sketches for most of these early Bricks.

    But well done in finding one!! :D


    Hi Ted,

    I did read your response in April, had planned on a quick response, though have been sitting thinking what to do, also travelling a lot, and now that I’m back in the studio mental zone would really like to send this to you. I’m just not convinced all is right with it and given my respect for the unit I’d much prefer to move forward with confidence and put it to some solid use.

    I can’t think of anyone better than you who could look at it for me if you are still willing ?

    Let me know how we could proceed with that and I’ll get it packed up and on it’s way over to you.

    Thanks so much,


    Ted Fletcher

    Hi Al,

    Yes just drop me a note by email ([email protected]) and I will give you details where to send it. :)

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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