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    JK Diepenbrugge

    Dear sir,


    After years of pleasure using my Joemeek VC6Q, I’m starting to have issues.

    When starting up it makes all kinds of horrible noises. The unit works intermittent.

    All components are visually looking fine. I measure a 45 volt at the phantom stage. This is as far as my capabilities lie.

    Since I’m in Holland, I’ll be sending is to a local repairshop,  I’ll try to give the guy as much information as possible. Is there a service manual?

    In the forum I read about faulty caps at the inputstage. Do you recommend alternative replacement caps if these are the troublemakers?


    With kind regards,


    Jaap van Diepenbrugge

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    Ted Fletcher

    I never recommend changing capacitors unless there are signs that the cap is faulty, you can usually see the fault by the can swelling up or leaking. The most likely faults are dirt in the pots and in the contacts in that jack connector on the front panel. Try a very small amount of WD40 in the back of the pots and in the contacts of the jack socket.

    JK Diepenbrugge

    Thank you for the reply and advice.


    The unit is at the moment at a repair shop. I’ll pass on the advice!


    With kind regards,



Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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