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    Hallo Ted,

    I may have some questions that might seem stupid and might never have been asked before…
    Recently I have purchased the 2 X 16 preamp joeaudio ix one cs16. Also I aquired the vc1 channel.
    Still looking to buy a vc2 1.05 in the future.
    Well,here it is,don’t mean to be offensive but I am kind of a control freak when it comes to looks
    and to be honest I have never liked the green frontpanels of the joemeek product line,sorry for that…
    The sound is what we all do it for but still its kind of important to me so I have decided to let manufacture
    the frontpanels in black of the units I have purchased.
    My question is:there are lots of orange puchbuttons on the preamps ix one cs16.I know that the tfpro 16X
    wich was the next generation preamps after the joemeek era used black puchbuttons.
    Is it still possible to obtain those buttons somewhere or do you still have some in stock..?
    I know this might sound silly but to me its kind of important.


    Ted Fletcher

    Well you see Hedi, I did like the green…. and it did very well for me back in 1993.
    It’s true that the new P38EX is the best looking gear! (Ans the new mic looks nice too!)
    I have got black knobs that you could have. Send me an email with how many you need…. the cost is about 6p each.
    Ted :(

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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