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    Hi Ted,
    did this model have the Soweter transformers in the Mic inputs?

    It does have the limiters on the output, 2 sends and 3 band eq with swept mid.

    One has come up for sale. Also they say it powers up but no audio.




    Only me again…

    Thinking of going for it anyway…it could be just the main inserts?

    I.m assuming that it also has inserts and direct outs on each channel. I’m not getting any response from the seller at the moment.

    Are you still offering that service of old Alice gear rate Ted?



    Ted Fletcher

    Yes, that one has Souter mic transformers.
    I can offer ‘fix it’ services to those mixers, but because of their age now, I can’t give any guarantees, and I might have to charge more than the standard 25 quid if things are too old and ropey. :)


    Bonjour – just a quick hello – I was lucky enough to win the beast in question, and it arrived today. I’ve just been playing with it, and as far as I can tell it seems to be working ok – there’s signal out from the main outs anyway, not yet checked the monitor outs but so far so good. The odd scratchy crackly pot and fader here and there, but the desk itself is mint, and a bit of TLC should see it back to full health. Overall, I’m over the moon with it! :D

    It’s going to be joining my larger ACM desk – I’ve got some quick piccies of the two together, which I’ll post on a new thread for anyone interested.



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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