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    hi all,

    is anyone familiar with Alice/Soundtech Series A mixers?

    for broadcast qaulity mixers they frequently come up at fairly affordable prices – but its very hard to get any real info on them. I was wondering what the quality is like, mic pre’s, headroom, noise floor etc etc all the standard stuff.

    also, as some of the channels are always stereo how does that effect the use of those channels for normal home studio mono work?

    any info would be gratefully appreciated. :D

    Ted Fletcher

    Sorry, can’t give you any info on those…. but surely the Alice/Soundtech company is still in existence….. try :)

    Andy Gemmell-Smith designed the later mixers after my time. 8-)


    thanks for the feedback Ted. Bit of a leap of faith, will wait and see if the right one comes up, currently the one I’ve seen is look large for me (in size not channels). have seen ones in a slightly smaller frame that appeal to me.

    saw a Alice 12 channel Stancoil for sale the other day – thats another option I’ve been considering. although am tempted just to save for my dream mixer a lil Studer 962 (which I mainly want for its pre’s), or a Calrec or Neve 542 if I sell a kidney. when you guys talk about the noise level on the Stancoil’s are we talking light background hiss or something else? As with most I’m mainly interested for tracking/recording rather than doing a mixdown. Sounds like a well put together mixer I must say!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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