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    hi fletcher,
    i have a chance to purchase an alice 828s desk youve designed back in the day. i was just wondering what was the difference to the regular 828 desks? i know the 828s are ic based, but is it built to the same quality standards as the discrete 828 desks? just wondering if it was more of a budget 828 model you put out for bugdet minded folks. or was it a broadcast model as well? i just dont want to pay head over heels for it. also, what ic’s were installed in the 828s if you can recall?
    thanks for your time

    Ted Fletcher

    The 828S was built to the same standard as the original 828, in fact it was a version with stereo channels designed for broadcasting.
    The IC range was the normal TLO 72/74 except for the mic inputs and they were normally discrete class A. The circuitry was very good and the ones I have seen recently are still working well. :P

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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