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    Hello Ted,
    I purchased an Alice 828 mixer about two years ago but it failed to work.
    The meters kick when it is switched on and the PFL button lights the LED but there is no sound.
    I read on your blog that you would repair Alice 828 mixers for £25 plus carriage, could you possibly repair mine.
    I live in the Midlands.
    Many thanks


    Ted Fletcher

    Yes, I’m sure it can be fixed! Send it to the Sound House and we will fix it. You can paypal me the £25 plus £20 for packing and postage back. You can do the payment via the tfpro website. (The invoice number would be 676).
    I had one of these just last week and it was working really well….. amazing for a mixer built in 1979! :)


    Hello Ted,
    Many thanks I will pack it up and send.
    Could you please give me the address of Sound House, if its close enough I could deliver myself.

    Many thanks again

    Vic :P

    Ted Fletcher

    I will email you direct.


    hi Ted,

    i just picked up an Alice Stancoil 2008-828 as part of a gear trade and am hoping you can help me.

    she appears to be in near-mint condition. the faders, knobs and switches are all still smooth as silk. however, i have not been able to turn her on yet as she came without an AC cable and the connector is something funky.

    so, i want to replace this with an IEC and also need to replace a couple of Direct Output jacks, maybe the headphone jack, etc.

    can you provide me with any literature for her? schematics would be brilliant.

    all the best,


    Ted Fletcher

    Richie, I have emailed you direct with all the circuits of the 828. :D

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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