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Ted Fletcher

Yes, you are right, the new P38EX Mk2 is very nearly here…. in fact I have the electronics in production with 5 sets complete and tested today (30th Oct 2019).

That was the good news; the not so good news is that I don’t know of any tech people that I would recommend, Opto compressors are not particularly ‘advanced’ in circuitry, but they can be tricky to set up. If you want to trust it to a local tech, I am happy to let you have copies of the original circuit sketches and any other info I have; the info is a little scrappy, I never get the time to refine it! To get the info, please drop me an email on ted@tfpro.com.

If you want to send it back to me to sort out, that’s OK too.

A general note to anyone sending equipment to me to fix from the USA…… The equipment will not be working so be sure to mark it clearly as ‘NOT WORKING, RETURNING TO MANUFACTURER FOR SERVICE’. And on the customs forms put a very low value, otherwise I get interrogated by the customs here in the UK and end up having to argue for a couple of weeks and eventually having to pay full import duty. If it’s all kept ‘low key’, there is no problem; getting out from the UK is easy and trouble-free.

Keep an eye open for my new website….. it should be up in a couple of weeks; complete with pictures of the new super-smart P38EX Mk2 with its illuminated push-buttons! :)