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Ted Fletcher

Sorry to hear that you had to retire….. I have tried that a couple of times but it doesn’t seem to work!

My calendar tells me I’m 80 but I refuse to believe any of it.

I think the reason that the C2 was never popular is that to get a compressor like that in a little 1/2 rack 1U box is daft…. it looks too cheap.

I would love to bring it back…. I actually have a large stock of the correct opto devices which are now not obtainable; but who will buy it? And the cost of producing a little unit like that in the UK is outrageous….. I suppose I could have it made in China, where we have our Orbitsound loudspeaker electronics made, they are very good. I must think about it. Right now I’m concentrating on updating the website and getting the BRICK2 out the door; that has been an exciting time getting it made here in the UK. :D