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Ted Fletcher

Hi Al!

I do remember selling one or two into Singapore…. I spent some time there installing systems in hotel ballrooms in the 80s.

The compression behaviour that you describe sounds right, that’s how they do behave, but the VU performance is odd.

My advice, as usual in these circumstances, is if it is useable, then use it, if the VU problem is too much then send it to me and I will fix it…. although there were some ‘Bricks’ that were problematic because of corrosion on the main PC board. But, even if the VU is slamming, if it’s not distorting badly, then use it. I always recommend pushing these things hard! :)

As for info, there’s not much available. I do have the original circuit sketches for most of these early Bricks.

But well done in finding one!! :D