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Ted Fletcher

Hi Jason, Hey, the 2008 is a lot more than just a ‘posher version of the 828’!!The faders on it alone cost a fortune at the time!

I do have one of my own here; one of the batch we made as general studio/production mixers for the BBC.

If your ‘channel out’ sockets are tip/ring/sleeve types then it would be relatively easy to access a point immediately after the mic amp and before the EQ section.

The bad news is that I don’t have circuit details of the 2008, but if you have a look at where the last IC in the input stage goes to the EQ in/out switch, then you could break the circuit here coming out via say 200 ohm resistor to the jack socket ring, and directly back from the tip to the EQ switch.

I suggest checking the DC voltage from the output of the mic amp to chassis ground as on some models we used a single-rail system which means that the audio stands at about 12V above chassis ground in which case you would need series capacitors of say 47uF on the mic amp output and at least 4.7uF on the EQ input.

I hasten to add that all that was from memory…. but I will have a look over the next few days and if I was wildly out I will be in touch. :?