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Ted Fletcher

The VC1 lid has the three self-tap screws on each end but in addition, I seem to remember that the XLR connectors are a ‘Switchcraft’ type that have a locking catch that is accessible through the central hole in the socket. These things are very fiddly and you do need a very good slender flat-blade screwdriver to get to them. To undo the catches the little ‘key’ has to be rotated anti-clock only about 1/8th of a turn. Once released, the top cover slides off…. sometimes it takes some effort!

On all later models I used a much simpler ‘Cliff’ type XLR connector that was secured with self-tap screws the same as the ends.

On the funny noise….. I don’t think it’s significant as long as it works OK with the power on. It could indicate that there is a ground loop in your system , but if it’s working OK don’t worry! No, avoid replacing caps unless it’s really necessary. It’s usually a waste of time and effort. ;)