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I have just read this blog for the first time today. I have owned an Alice STM8 since 1979. Although I have made some minor modifications, it is more or less as supplied. I also have the original maintenance book with schematic diagrams. At the time I was building my first serious home studio and this was the only proper desk I could afford. I used to use it at home to prepare material during my days at BBC Radio Stoke. For many years it was used with Sonifex micro hs cart machines,Revox pr 99s and Russco studio pro turntables (later replaced with Technics sp 10s).

I dug out the mixer yesterday and sprayed the pots with switch cleaner and it is more or less as new. It is powered up as I speak. It has phantom power on the mic channels (something which the expensive BBC Mk3 desks at the station didn’t have!) It did duty several times hired out as an emergency OB desk for BBC local radio when they were short of gear!