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Hi Ted,

Thanks very much for the answers, and advice – it is really much appreciated.

I really love my little C2 . I new as soon as i got it that it was doing something very similar to the vc1 only in perfect stereo so i immediately fell in love. I think sometimes people dont take things seriously enough just because they dont have a hefty price tag or look expensive. It is a shame it didnt sell well as i think it is a brilliant compressor and looks great too, and you should be applauded for an ingenius design concept and executing that concept very very well. I was initially wondering if the lack of a ratio would affect usability but it does not in the slightest and is just an amazing compressor at that price or any other – unique. Gear snobs may wrongly dismiss affordable gear but i know ive got a little gem that will outdo expensive equipment especially on certain applications.

Your new compressor is a great concept and looks beautiful by the way.

Thanks again for making wonderful outboard.

All the best