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    Hi Ted,

    Just found this forum- what a great resource for meek fans like me. I have two qestions if you dont mind.

    I have a vc1 v 2.01 which i love very much (and a C2 which is also brilliant). I know this is going back a fair bit but I would be very greatful if you could tell me if the balanced line output (not the transformer balanced D.I) on this VC1 can tolerate its cold (pin 3) being shorted to ground (pin 1) ?. Im new to electronics so what I mean to ask is – is it safe for the vc1s balanced line output to go to an unbalanced input. I would like to take the balanced line output from my VC1 to the input of an unbalanced fmr rnc, but i would be gutted if i damaged my VC1. Would it be safe to just use unbalanced ts jacks for this ? Just out of interest is the VC1 servo balanced or electronically, please ?

    My other question is im wondering if the input transformer on my VC1 v2.01 is the same as the one on ‘the brick’ ?

    Ted, this VC1 is a work of art, i absolutely love what it does on rock vocals, snare, kick, toms etc…thats why i got the little C2 which stays on my parallel drum bus. It it really transparent on vocals whilst pushing them right forward and adding excitement. I always wanted an SC2 but to be honest im totally happy with how the little C2 does on drums.

    Your new gear looks very interesting, and nice looking 😆 .

    All the best


    Ted Fletcher

    There’s a nice simple answer to this one…. If it’s my design, then any balanced output can be treated as unbalanced if you like.
    It’s a good rule to try to keep everything balanced , but if you have unbalanced ins or outs on other gear, then it will all work fine.
    The only thing to watch, when going from balanced to unbalanced, always make sure that the -ve leg is connected to ground…. never leave an input or output pin floating around connected to nothing.

    Regarding the transformer in the VC1 V2.01 I think I recall that it is the same as the brick…. the circuitry is certainly similar. It was shortly after the V2.01 that we changed to a transformerless input, and it was not as good.

    BTW, I always said that the C2 was the neatest one of them all…. It was as good as the SC2 but very few people bought it…. it was too compact and neat! 🙄


    Hi Ted,

    Thanks very much for the answers, and advice – it is really much appreciated.

    I really love my little C2 . I new as soon as i got it that it was doing something very similar to the vc1 only in perfect stereo so i immediately fell in love. I think sometimes people dont take things seriously enough just because they dont have a hefty price tag or look expensive. It is a shame it didnt sell well as i think it is a brilliant compressor and looks great too, and you should be applauded for an ingenius design concept and executing that concept very very well. I was initially wondering if the lack of a ratio would affect usability but it does not in the slightest and is just an amazing compressor at that price or any other – unique. Gear snobs may wrongly dismiss affordable gear but i know ive got a little gem that will outdo expensive equipment especially on certain applications.

    Your new compressor is a great concept and looks beautiful by the way.

    Thanks again for making wonderful outboard.

    All the best


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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