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Ted Fletcher

There’s a nice simple answer to this one…. If it’s my design, then any balanced output can be treated as unbalanced if you like.
It’s a good rule to try to keep everything balanced , but if you have unbalanced ins or outs on other gear, then it will all work fine.
The only thing to watch, when going from balanced to unbalanced, always make sure that the -ve leg is connected to ground…. never leave an input or output pin floating around connected to nothing.

Regarding the transformer in the VC1 V2.01 I think I recall that it is the same as the brick…. the circuitry is certainly similar. It was shortly after the V2.01 that we changed to a transformerless input, and it was not as good.

BTW, I always said that the C2 was the neatest one of them all…. It was as good as the SC2 but very few people bought it…. it was too compact and neat! 🙄