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Ted Fletcher

I don’t want to sound like a killjoy, but please don’t send any mixers until end of August….
And also, my ‘fix it’ policy can only work with the resources that I have in TFPRO….. A number of components in those very old units are obsolete and can’t be replaced; but that said, I’m happy to fix whatever I can….. but another word of warning, and you have spotted this one already, sending a mixer via carrier is a dodgy business, much better to deliver it personally or by a friend!
Re the quality of headphone out, yes, that should be the same as ‘line out’, but you have to watch the levels as you can run out of headroom with the headphone gain turned too high.
Seriously, I have to advise against ‘sending’ these old relics….. and if I have fixed them, they will have to be collected by someone responsible; we have seen too many accidents! 😯