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Ted FletcherTed Fletcher

    Hello Frank, the short answer is, I would not trust anyone with service on a ‘brick’! They are quite delicate and difficult to strip and re-assemble. The most sensible way is to send it to me at ‘The Sound House’. I have an arrangement where I repair/service any equipment of my original design for a fixed fee of £25 plus the cost of returning it to you.
    It sounds like there is a fault with the ‘comp 1’ setting. If you would like me to fix it, pack the unit well and send it to me.
    The address is:
    Ted Fletcher
    The Sound House
    Hunsdon Road
    Torquay TQ1 1QB
    And make sure that you note that it is equipment sent for servicing and quote the IPR number IP/0929/089/11 this will avoid problems with VAT and duty.
    Once I have the unit I will fix it and ask you to transfer £25 plus the cost of postage back…. all by paypal.
    BTW, this goes for any and all old Joemeek equipment as well as Alice mixers and early TFPRO equipment.