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Ted, first let me thank you for making yourself avaliable in regards to not just new products but old ones as well!

I just purchased a pair of VC1 bricks and have one question-

The compression 1 and compression 2- I assume those are slopes? Or ratio references? Just curious as to the specifics.

I also purchased an original SC2 v1.05 with original documents including a green hand signed original manual! I can’t wait! I look forward to trying some of your newer designs!

Oh and I noticed one of the bricks has a lower output than the other (without anything else engaged), but it doesn’t sound bad- If I wanted to get them serviced, where would you recommend in Los Angeles/Orange county? The gain on the working one is at 1/2 and the gain on the low output one will be at 3/4 just to match the other at 1/2 total gain. The mix input works without flaw so Im pretty sure its just the preamp section. The gain knob has little effect until it hits about 3/4 then it really jumps up- bad/fussy pot? It also appears as if its only low when using the line level input. The gain on the mic pre from the xlr input seems ok.

Thanks again for your time.