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Ted Fletcher

Jim, the ‘brick’ was the very first Joemeek VC1, I designed it in 1993 based on design thinking from work in both music recording and broadcasting. We made only about 55 of them, and now they are very rare…. mainly because a number of influential producers hang onto them to use on lead vocals on their records.
Interestingly, I was discussing the ‘brick’ with my son (Guy, who is working on a new Knopfler album at British Grove) over Christmas; he uses one for his lead vocals.
As for a handbook…. I don’t think there ever was one!
However, the ‘front end’ was very similar to the first V3 versions of the VC1 and I have a handbook for that.
If you would like to drop me an email direct ([email protected]) I will email you a pdf of it.

As a matter of interest, I have re-created the exact mic amp structure including the same transformer and identical overload margins etc. in the new P110. :)