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Hi Ted

Oops, I seem to have left this hanging for ages. Sorry about that – I’ve been pretty busy (though of course everyone says that!). Anyway I’ll e-mail about a couple of UK adaptors in a minute.

One other thing about the P3 I got second-hand is that it sounds different to the one I already had. It seems louder and gritty, and less sweet generally. Was there any changes in circuits of the P3 throughout it’s production run? Is it possible that a component has failed causing the change in sound? The tiny buttons for line/mic and on/off of the comp are red instead of the black of my original version, is that any clue?

If the difference between the two is a failure or deviation from the design from my original one would it be possible for you to modify/repair the red-button one to the same spec as the black-button one? And how much would that cost as a ball park figure? Just thought I’d ask, thanks for being so patient!