The Original 828 Mk1

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The original Alice 828 was designed in 1977 by Byron Davis, Steve Dove, Eric Keene and myself.

It was study in what was needed for rugged remote recording and, by the accolades and sales, we must have got it right.

At Alice in Windsor we made the 828 from 1978 up to 1984 and sold several hundreds to governments, TV companies, studios and even the military!

The big points were:

  • Seriously rugged construction (no plastics!)
  • Best quality performance with transfer inputs.
  • Incredibly versatile but simple and easy to use.
  • Superior quality high level outputs.
  • High quality meters.
  • Sensible price.
  • First and best in the field.

What we did not know at the time was how many of the boxes we ticked for excellent sound quality; the mixers had to be adaptable for use on location with TV companies (remember ‘The Professionals’ and ‘The Bill’) as well as the stories of 828s being run over by trucks and still working!

Now, they have achieved an almost legendary status with high prices for old neglected units on eBay!

Using an original Mk1 828 as a mixdown path is a revelation of warmth, quality and depth; I realised this several years ago and now I am being swamped by engineers and producers wanting ne to ‘fix’ their old 828s or asking me in I know of any.

So, the big question is, is there a ‘re-issue’ of the 828 Mk1?

It would have to be just the same as the original with ‘class A’ circuitry, and perhaps with stereo channels (the 828s from 1980).

The originals are now 40 years old and sound better than ever. They do say, ‘If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!’

If you would like to join a list to try out a re-issued 828 Mk1 with absolutely no obligation, drop me a note to I’m working on a sensible price; and still ‘made in the UK’!

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