505 Stereo EQ




  • Transformer
  • Class A Circuitry
  • Stereo Width Control
  • 500 Series Format

Transformer coupled class a circuitry with stereo with control for fine finishing!


The ‘505’ is a classic simple analogue EQ from the fine consoles of the 1970s re-engineered to fit a 500 series rack designed for creative fine tuning of your stereo bus or final mix.


Although it is a STEREO unit, the ‘505’ occupies just a single space in a 500 series rack using ‘normal’ and ‘aux’ ins and outs for L/R.

Inputs and Outputs

Left and Right balanced or unbalanced.


Designed as a complement to the TFPRO538 compressor, the 505 has classic smooth Baxandall class A circuits with switchable hard-wired (relay) by-pass.


Variable width control from full ‘mono’ via true L/R stereo up to 150% stereo width.


Instant LED indication of ‘signal present’, ‘normal level’ and ‘overload’.

EQ Test

TFPRO505 STEREO EQ. Demonstrates HF lift and cut, then MF lift and cut and LF lift and cut.

Additional information

Mounting System

500 Series Module


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