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Ted Fletcher

Hi Jim, that SC2 is one of the second batch sold in the US. The circuitry is the same as the V1.05 but after a revised layout of the main PC board.

The lovely bevelled front panel was finished by a local auto restore shop…. lots of coats of paint!

All these early versions were supplied without make-up gain controls.

The total number of that version must have been around 60 units, I then found the front panels much too expensive so we went to a more standard panel, and at the same time added make-up gain controls on the rear.

That model was followed by the SC2.2 where the main compression circuitry was retained, but with a lot more control sophistication…. and it was not quite as easy to use as the early ones! 😮

I’m sure that most of those early compressors are still in use, there are lots here in the UK.