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Hello there Ted! Have had great joy bringing this desk into my studio set-up.. Ended up mounting a d-sub connector on the rear & running the 6 direct outs(on detachable connectors for ease of service), & stereo outs through it, so it can be easily integrated as a summing mixer, too, which has worked out brilliantly. It sounds amazing! I was wondering if you may be able to offer a tiny bit of advice regarding the phantom power circuit, which unfortunately is out of action.. Can you recall anything on these desks(if the phantom circuit wasn’t a consistent design throughout this era of boards & is thus too specific, no worries!) which might be a first port of call with troubleshooting, or is it best to just get a multi-meter out & work my way through the circuit? Thanks again, this is probably my favourite sounding set of pres in the studio right now, it’s really stood the test of time!!