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On another note : I haven’t been able to use the “FetHead” with the VC7. It worked great on the VC3, gave me a clean extra 15dB, much needed with the RE20 mic. On the VC7 however, it totally changes the tone depending on the impedence setting. None of them sound any good, so I’ve been using just the VC7’s own gain. I’m up around 55 which does raise the noise floor a bit.

I noticed use of the TL074 and MC33078. I’m sure much has changed in IC op-amp design since the VC7 was designed (as well as pricing and availability). I imagine there’s some value in upgrading these. Perhaps with less nose and/or more gain?

Is that feasible? Maybe wishfull thinking.

Or else , just any recommendations based on what you may have learned lately while working on the new voice channel? (Sorry, I do like to tinker :D )